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Mark Lewis Videography


Mark Lewis videography has been filming weddings for over 20 years and comes from a long standing family wedding business who provided photography and wedding cars to countless couples.

With hundreds of wedding videos to its own credit, Mark Lewis Videography strives to exceed client expectations. Providing couples with a beautifully produced film of their wedding day in a creative and artistic manner with only complimentary images of people and without being intrusive.

Experience and knowledge in achieving exceptionally high standards is what has driven this family to earn its reputation in quality and service.

Images From The Wedding Videos

We could have put sample videos on this homepage, but we thought it would be better to get a few key points across about our service before you see the videos. 

Showing a selection of still images, we think, is a good way for us to see composition of the scene. Freeze-frames allows us time to take in the framing of the shots and style of the videos. They also help show you the consistency of our work. 

We do like grabbing stills from the videos and try to use them where we can. Such as in the end sequence and on any printed material such as DVD disc and box covers. They are also work very well for advertising!

But if you want to see the actual videos, they are available on the Sample Videos page.



We don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable by pointing a camera in front of them as we always try to work from a distance and rely on zoom lenses to get those close-up shots. 

This creates a more natural feel to the wedding videos as people are unaware of being filmed. And we only include complimentary images of people.

Nor do we don’t set anything up and only document the wedding as it happens.



We will always record those key moments like the couple walking up the isle, confetti or bouquet being thrown or the cake-cutting, but we also place importance on finding those moment that will be of interest to you. 

Such as a hug or kiss from a relative, impromptu photos with friends, a spontaneous toast with champaign or favours being handed out. And we are always on the lookout for anything entertaining or amusing.

Because we want to capture everything that makes your wedding unique. Whether it be people standing in the shade on a sunny day or huddled under umbrellas when it’s raining. We try to catch all those significant events to tell the story of your wedding day. 



We use the best equipment available to give you the best images and sound that we can.



More and more people have access to high quality recording than ever before. But there is no substitute for experience when it comes to shooting a wedding videos. 

With our history of being involved in weddings and many years producing wedding videos, we’re sure to give you a video that will not only be watchable but extremely enjoyable. 



You can read more about our coverage in the Production section of this website.

There's much more to a wedding video than just point 'n' shoot!

Mark Lewis Videography


Be sure to check out the various pages in this website to learn about our video service.

Producing a wedding video is so not straight forward, there’s a lot involved. Experience is essential as it gives you the knowledge of how to tackle changeable situations to capture and produce a watchable and enjoyable video.

There’s a lot that goes into the making of a wedding video. So here we’ve tried to provide some information that you might find useful.


This page has a description, including images, of a typical wedding day’s coverage.

Includes more sample images.


A brief chat about the post-production of a wedding video and what’s included in the final edited video.


A brief introduction to our unobtrusive filming style.

Includes more sample images.


How we deliver and present our videos.


Here we try to answers questions you might have or might not have even thought of.


All the info you want about how we price a wedding.

Includes more sample images.

Happy Clients

Here is a selection of some of the couples we’ve produced wedding videos for over the years. Please take a look at the Happy Clients page to see lots more.

What People Say

It’s been a privilege to have been involved in so many peoples’ wedding day. It’s even more wonderful when you receive thanks for all our hard work.

Online reviews are now the preferred method, but there was nothing like receiving a physical letter or card in the post. 

Making a wedding video is more than just providing a service. You play an integral role in making their wedding day a special one and it’s lovely when they tell you how much they enjoyed your contribution to their wedding and the work you did for them.

Below is a selection of hand written Thank You cards which people have sent us. Click the link below if you wish to read more testimonials.

WANT to know more?

Feel free to get in touch to enquire about your forthcoming wedding or any other kinds of video work that we can help you with.

Tell us a bit about your wedding and we’ll send you a few PDFs which will give you even more information about our service. This will also include our price guide. 

We’ll also be happy to discuss your requirements with you or offer advice to give you a great wedding video.

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