Style Of Filming

We try to be unobtrusive whilst filming to capture the most natural images as possible. People aren’t afraid of being filmed so much as they used to be, but I still think you can catch more realistic and complimentary images when they aren’t aware of being filmed. 


And working mostly from a slight distance on a tripod with allows us to be less obtrusive. Although we can still get nice close up images with the use of professional zoom lenses.

We also try to keep the camera movements to a minimum as that can distract from the action. Zooms and pans are an exception when filming longer scenes, such as marriage services and speeches, but as long as they are performed smoothly then it shouldn’t distract the viewer.


“Emotion is gained with correct camera positioning.

Mark Lewis Videography


Being a fly-on-the-wall means you can’t setup shots, so experience teaches you where to find the best position to to get the best results. 


Knowing where to place yourself to avoid bad lighting is also important: facing the sun for a beautiful backlit shot or with your back against the window for that small indoor room. Knowledge of available light ensures you are giving the customer the most complimentary images possible.

Groom wearing purple suit and good example of backlighting.
Beautiful backlighting on James & Jessica
Another example of backlighting in our wedding videos.
And here with James & Sarah at Eastwood Hall.
Bride having a glass of bucks fizz against a beautiful blue sky.
Emily at Puckrup Hall, Tewksbury.
Bride and groom with flower girl ringing bell with lovely backlighting at Woodborough Hall, Nottingham.
Paul & Jenny with their flower girl at Woodborough Hall, Nottingham.
Bride and groom sitting on grass with their pet dog on a sunny day.
Andy & Gina with their dog at Breadsall Priory, Derby.
Lovely backlit shot of bride and groom on a sunny day.
Another example of positioning yourself for the best lighting and shot with Alex & Claire at Nottingham Castle.
Bride and groom standing and looking out of window.
Difficult lighting conditions (without the use of a light) but just managed to capture the window light falling on Mark & Lucy inside Risley Hall, Derbyshire.


As with lighting, knowing where to position yourself to extract the maximum impact is also important. Shooting upwards when the confetti is falling; being on a close-up when the couple are about to kiss; getting down low when they walk up the Isle or enter the wedding breakfast; being on a wide angle and preferably from up high when people are about to cheer during the group shot; or seeing the guests‘ reaction during the first dance. 


Choosing the best angle can make or break a good scene and generate the most emotion.

Bride and groom showered with confetti as they leave Church.
Greg & Brenda’s confetti at St. John’s Church, Wentbridge.
Shot of bride and groom from below as confetti is thrown.
Russell & Caroline

Experience teaches you how to tackle live events like weddings. Knowing where to stand when you anticipate that spontaneous moment is about to happen.

Groom picking confetti from bride's hair.
Jan & Maidie
Close-up shot of bride and groom looking at each other.
Martin & Sally at Risley Hall, Derbyshire.
Intimate moment between bride and groom on their wedding day.
Martin & Donna at Risley Hall, Derbyshire.
Amazing picture of bride and groom looking in opposite directions.
Amuzing shot of Paul & Liz - right place right time at Risley Hall, Derbyshire.
Intimate moment between the bride and groom on their wedding day.
Mattlock & Hayley stealing a moment
Bride and groom walking up the isle at St. Barnabas RC Church, Nottingham.
Alex & Ciara at St. Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham.
Bride and groom kissing under an umbrella on their wedding day at Risley Hall, Derbyshire.
Jonny & Louisa on a rainy day at Risley Hall.
Groom looking proud at his bride.
Mark looking at Emma after the service at Risley Hall.
Bride sitting in the wedding car.
Being the other side of the car when the Bride gets in and looks this way for the Groom.

I also try to be creative and incorporate the surroundings as much as possible to frame the scene.

Close=up of bride with flower girl wearing fairy wings.
Getting low for Donna and bridesmaid at Risley Hall.
Artistic video through the tall plants of the bride and groom standing on a bridge at Risley Hall, Derbyshire.
Paul & Liz’s romantic sequence in the grounds of Risley Hall.
Artistic picture of the bride and groom kissing whilst being framed by the branches of trees and surrounded by leaves.
Simon & Helen at Yew Lodge, Kegworth.
Arty picture of the bride amongst the leaves of trees.
Jane at Alton Towers Hotel.

…and try not to miss the funny little details or those easily missed important shots!

Using a bust sculpture as a hat stand.
Bust used as a hat stand at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough.
Bride and groom with their pet boxer dog on their wedding day.
Paul & Hazel with Baxtor at the Lakeside (Pumping Station), Arnold.
Family group photo with bride and groom and their son on their wedding day.
Guy & Samantha with their Son at the Lakeside (Pumping Station), Arnold.
Just Married sign attached to bride and groom's children's push chair.
Greg & Brenda with “Just Married” attached to their child’s stroller at Wentbridge House Hotel, Pontifract.

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