Delivery & presentation



All packages include the ceremony, speeches and first dance. So, even if you chose a Highlights or Short Film version, you will still get these elements, but as separate files.


The full-length version will include the ceremony, speeches and first dances in their natural order in between everything else that was filmed. 

For example, the film will play as one complete movie that begins with the arrivals of your guests (or getting ready shots), followed by the ceremony, signing register, photography session, speeches, cake-cutting, evening guests, and first dance.


For full-length videos, a wedding film is, on average, around one hour thirty minutes in duration. 


However, a large or small number of guests, type of marriage ceremony, length of speeches, receiving lines, preparations and first dances can all add or subtract from the length of the film.


USB, DVD, Bluray

Your wedding film will be delivered in HD on a USB drive (HD).


DVD (SD) or BluRay (HD) copies are available as optional extras.


additional copies

Additional copies of any format are available as optional extras.


Online streaming

Online streaming links will be provided for Highlights reels and the Short Film versions.


The full-length versions can be made available for streaming provided copyright-free music is used.


4K Ultra HD

This can be available as an optional extra. Please get in touch if you are interested in this.


Your wedding film will be supplied in a professionally designed presentation case and will include a cover that features your photograph and titles.


Alternatively, you might prefer the gift box option. There are several designs to choose from, which come in a veriety of materials and colours.

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