Delivery & presentation


A wedding film is, on average, around one hour thirty minutes in duration. However, a large or small number of guests, Church service or civil ceremony; long or short speeches, receiving lines, preparations and first dances can all add or subtract from the length of the film.


USB Stick, DVD, Bluray

Your wedding film will be delivered on a choice of USB flash drive (HD), DVD (SD) or BluRay (HD).

DVD and BluRay will include attractively designed menus which are fully interactive, enabling you to navigate through your wedding film with ease.

additional copies

Additional copies in any of the above formats are available as optional extras.

shortened / Highlights versions

Included in your package, you will receive a one-or-two minute highlights version for you to share on social media.

As an optional extra, I can produce shorter versions of your main video. Perhaps you want the convenience of a 20-30 minute version? Or you might want the whole video but with the service and speeches removed?

Online streaming

Online streaming options is also available.

4K Ultra HD

I am looking into this at the moment. Theoretically, I could provide an optional extra to record in 4K, but the difficulty is how to edit with such large file sizes and how to get deliver it to the customer. Currently there are no storage or playback devices that are capable of this. Online streaming looks like being a possibility, but it seems a bit out of reach at the moment. As soon as I am able to offer this, I will.


Whichever media your wedding film is produced on, it will come in a professionally designed presentation case.

My standard packaging incorporates a box cover that will feature your photograph and titles.

Alternatively, you might prefer the gift box option. There are several designs to choose from, which come in a veriety of materials and colours. DVD & Bluray copies have titles and photographs printed on the disc surface.

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